Achieved with CRYENGINE, Prey launches today

Friday, May 5, 2017 — From Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda, Prey launches today and invites you to fight a deadly new invasion. In the beautiful sci-fi thriller, hostile aliens have overrun the Talos I space station and you must use mind-bending powers and unique weapons to decide the fate of humanity.

The shadowy extraterrestrial presence infesting Talos I is a living ecology bent on annihilating its prey. It’s up to you, one of the last remaining survivors aboard the station, to end the deadly attack of these haunting predators. You’ll gain alien abilities to develop a distinct combination of powers and upgrades, craft items, and learn to survive unprecedented threats with your wits and ability to improvise.  Prey also features a deep narrative, gorgeous graphics, and the freedom to play your own way.

We send our congratulations to the team and you can check out the launch trailer below. 

Prey - Official Launch Trailer