CRYENGINE Update 5.3.1 is now available for download

Thanks to our ever-vigilant community of CryEngineers, today's minor release includes fixes for over 40 minor issues. Well done! We summarized some of the highlights here and lead the way to our documentation so you can check it out in detail.

Minor releases are intended to only fix issues and problems instead of adding new features. For more information on what we plan to include in our next major release, CRYENGINE 5.4, please check our public roadmap. We did add a couple of new minor features, however and optimized some things based on community feedback. Thanks for helping us improve!

Full Release Notes for 5.3.1

Rotation Gizmo Changes

The rotation gizmo has been made more user-friendly by adding two different styles, the Dial style and the Linear style:



For more information on these rotation styles, see Transforming Objects .

Animation: Character Tool

  • Fixed: Moved PropertiesPanel from DockWidgetManager to default dock widgets. 
  • Fixed: BlendSpacePreview styling issues.
  • Fixed: A potential null pointer access crash in DockWidgetManager serialization code.
  • Fixed: Issues with uninitialized CharacterToolForm members.


  • Fixed: Hide ".cryasset" files from the ACE.


Engine General

  • Fixed: EnviromentProbe wasn't releasing resources when it was reset.
  • Fixed: Removed false warning when loading a level with EnviromentProbe.
  • Fixed: Loading game templates triggers Lua error.
  • Fixed: User Analytics Logging shows incorrect number of uploaded events.
  • Fixed: C++ Isometric-project - Mouse cursor only sometimes displayed when example-level is loaded in GameLauncher.exe.
  • Fixed: Starting game templates triggers warning (Won't load level in Editor).
  • Fixed: IsometricPathfinding - Character weapon attachment broken, bullets spawn at the wrong position.
  • Fixed: Top Down Shooter is missing mouse cursor when jumping in game in Editor.
  • Fixed: Wrong CPUID bit being tested for SSE3.


  • New: Add option to enable/disable building the Engine itself.
  • New: Allow building CryScaleformHelper with CMake.
  • New: Allow building Shader Cache Generator with CMake.
  • Optimized: Only copy .pdb and .dll files to bin/* when they are required by build options.

Action General

  • Fixed: Warnings when dragging AI into level (XML reader: Can't open file).
  • Fixed: Warnings when loading airfield (XML reader: Can't open file).
  • Fixed: Assert is triggered while the shape of GameVolume is being created.


  • Fixed: Game may crash on exit when swimming.
  • Fixed: Camera angle on a vehicle freaks out.
  • Fixed: Boosting with the boat causes a short freeze.

Movie System

  • Fixed: Assert in AnimSequence, which is triggered in special case since AnimSequence is not activated.

Graphics and Rendering:

Renderer General

  • Fixed: Crash on XONE - walk around in vr_demo crashing.
  • Fixed: View matrix being reset on the main thread after every frame when the render is not multi-threaded - fixes issue where UnprojectFromScreen would not function in the Sandbox.

3D Engine

  • Fixed: GI sun light bounce.


  • Fixed: Exporting a CGF with 16-bit positions will crash the Editor and the Engine.
  • Fixed: Issue with entity deletion purging.
  • Fixed: PhysX - Filter scheduled-for-deletion entities in world queries.


Editor General

  • New: Add extra mode of interaction for rotation gizmos - move along the tangent of a circle.
  • Refactored: Change rotation gizmo UI - remove dotted line, add arrows to denote interaction direction.
  • Fixed: Generating a Cubemap a second time triggers warning in NC (CAssetManager).
  • Fixed: A freeze when trying to load a level. There's also no need to insert recursive since qt handles this already.
  • Fixed: QMenuComboBox that was asserting when an item was removed. This was due to the fact that it was changing the selected index and trying to toggle the deleted items state.
  • Fixed: Assert regarding accepting notifications and dealing with combined notifications.
  • Fixed: Issue where selecting a CVar in the CVar dialog would return the wrong CVar. 
  • Fixed: Issue with double click not working.
  • Fixed: Crash in property tree when detaching the tree and then performing mouse events over the widget.
  • Fixed: Issue where grouping geom entities and creating prefabs had empty bounding boxes.
  • Fixed: Issue where removing toolbars from the toolbar creator would assert.
  • Fixed: Crash in crylink when passing unsupported characters.
  • Fixed: Translation Gizmo not grid-snapping when aligned to the grid manner.
  • Fixed: Bug for Geom Entity gizmo scaling reset all components.
  • Fixed: Loading a .grp file will load to the current layer.
  • Fixed: PFX2: Adding feature to any particle crashes the Editor.


Resource Compiler

  • Fixed: Splitting of 32x32 DDNA textures.
  • Fixed: Mesh node can be used as a bone.

As always, let us know about your feedback, comments & questions on the official forums Facebook  & Twitter !

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