Pandemic Express Launches on Steam Early Access

CRYENGINE-Powered Zombie Shooter Available Now

Following a successful alpha program, indie developer TALLBOYS and publisher tinyBuild have launched Pandemic Express on Steam Early Access. Pandemic Express is an atmospheric team-based FPS game where players must outrun, outwit, and outfight an infected zombie horde.  

The game is set in a vast open world featuring multiple vehicles and begins with 30 players trapped on the outskirts of an industrial area. One player is randomly infected, becoming a zombie, and starting the game. The first zombie must infect all the other humans in the match, recruiting them to the infected side. The other players need to find, and escape, on a train. Fleeing players can scavenge for weapons and equipment in their attempts to survive the infected horde while zombie players are equipped with an array of unique skills to hunt down the remaining humans.    

Featuring high-risk, high-reward gameplay, players will flee and fight their way through the outskirts a beautifully stylized post-Soviet ghost town before the climactic endgame set aboard a train. Whether fighting for survival from endlessly respawning zombies, or hunting down the remaining humans with increasingly powerful abilities, Pandemic Express presents players a unique co-op experience full of tense and dramatic moments.

Dmitry Shevchenko, Team Lead at TALLBOYS, said: “CRYENGINE has made the difference for us, especially when comes to creating environments. Crytek’s pipeline for creating nature assets still amazes us, and the water shader is the most beautiful and artistic we’ve seen. We literally flood some locations on the map just to have more water in the game.”

Players can find out more about Pandemic Express by visiting and play the game on Steam now. Developers everywhere can harness the power of CRYENGINE by visiting

Jennifer Willis

Senior PR Manager, Crytek

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